Agricultural Services

AEG has been providing services to the agricultural industry for many years and understands the hard work that goes into the maintenance and operation of agricultural land. We offer a variety of services including Sediment and Erosion Control Plans (SECPs), Waste Water Management, Assistance with Industry Specific Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs), Water Supply Development, and many more.

AEG has worked on a number of projects related to the Irrigated Land Regulatory Program (ILRP), where we were actively involved with local farmers and resources conservation districts (RCDs) on Sediment and Erosion Control issues. We have also assisted local growers with the implementation of erosion control and conservation practices.

Below is a list of services we can assist you with on your Agricultural projects:

  • Sediment and Erosion Assessment/Control Plans (SECPs)
  • Storm Water Management and Retention Basin Design
  • Design of Erosion Controls
  • Waste Water Management
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Water Supply Development
  • Well Installation and Sampling
  • Assistance with Industry Specific Waste Discharge Requirements



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